An artist outside of Chicago, I work with a variety of new and vintage beads, prisms and other materials to create unique home accessories.  Often drawn to objects that reflect the relationship between air and light,  my first collection is a series of light catchers inspired by summer, The Great Lakes and The Midwest. 

"The highsummer home filters light from the outside and raises the vibration inside."

Originally from the Chicago area, my background is in the performing arts.  After twelve years of teaching, I resigned in the fall of 2020.  In the months that followed, I found creative freedom and healing in the things that truly made me feel like my highest self.  Combined with a love of vintage jewelry, design and storytelling, highsummer was born.  When I am not in my home studio, you can find me in the garden, running around with our rescue dogs, going through new and vintage cookbooks, or somewhere near the beach with my husband and our sweet girls, O and Z.