Why highsummer?

The highsummer concept came to light this winter after an unanticipated resignation from teaching left me feeling hurt and confused.  Filled with mixed feelings, minus the bells, tones, zoom meetings and emails that normally structured my day, I wanted to give myself space and permission to lean into the things that truly made me happy.  I started with a list. 

I wrote down everything that made me happy.  I did not judge the list, but simply committed to adding to it everyday.  The list kept growing, and themes of light and summer emerged.  I became increasingly drawn to images and objects that captured light; specifically leaning towards faceted and reflective materials like glass, prisms, crystals and eventually beads. I started photographing and filming beads in different light, digging through my own collection of vintage jewelry, experimenting with how the light moved in and around each piece.

By doing this, I realized it wasn't just the light I was attracted to, but the relationship between air, movement and light which truly moved me. In fact it reminded me of a Midwest summer.  Our summers are short, therefore we notice when the sun filters through the trees a different way or when the breeze gently rolls over the surface of our skin, and we are equally captivated by the hues of sun and sky as they move towards each other over a lakeside sunset.  It was almost as if each refraction of light captured those moments, and I was instantly engaged while at the same time offered space for healing.   

I guess in some ways, the teacher in me, the forever student, is always trying to capture the feeling of summer.  I wanted to make something that embodied that feeling and so began the journey of looking at suncatchers, prisms, jewelry makers, crystals,  stained glass artists and more.  Little by little, I experimented with different materials, seeking to make my own light catcher, and in January highsummer designs unfolded. 

Collectively, we could all feel a little higher right now, and the light catchers open the door to your highest self. They are forever changing, offering a mesmerizing aesthetic that holds space just for you.  The beaded details, both vintage and contemporary, give each piece their own unique story bringing a lifted yet refined and compassionate statement to your space.   In the coming months, I hope to offer more aesthetically influenced home accents that embody the highsummer vision.  Until then, stay cool, go easy and I'll see you at the lake.